Capstar for Dogs and Cats ...
  • Capstar 2-25lb
  • Capstar over 25lb
  • This product kills all adult fleas within 30 min and lasts for 24 hours

Online Pharmacy available

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Frontline Tritak and Nexgard for Dogs...
  • Tritak 4-22lb
  • Tritak 23-44lb
  • Tritak 45-88lb
  • Tritak 89-132lb
  • Frontline Tritak is a topical flea and tick prevention
  • Nexgard is a chewable flea and tick prevention that is given by mouth monthly
Revolution and Advantage Multi for Cats ...
  • Revolution up to 5lb (kitten)
  • Revolution 5-15lb cat
  • Advantage Multi cats 5-9 lbs
  • Revolution and Advantage Multi are both topical monthly flea, heartworm, ear mite and hookworm and roundworm prevention

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Heartgard Plus and Sentinel for Dogs...
  • Heartgard Plus 2-25lb
  • Heartgard Plus 26-50lb
  • Heartgard Plus 51-100lb
  • Sentinel 2-10lb
  • Sentinel 11-25lb
  • Sentinel 26-50lb
  • Sentinel 50-100lb
  • These are chewable monthly heartworm and intestinal worm preventions