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Jennifer Staab
Dog Owner

Kent Carter
Camera Shy Veterinarian Assistant and Reptile Specialist


Protecting yourself and your pet from harmful diseases is crucial, and is achieved through regular, life style appropriate vaccination.


Help your pet get back home with Homeagain microchipping! We offer pet microchipping for $45, this price includes the placement and registration of the microchip!

Healthy pets

Dr Carter enjoys caring for your pets in the comfort of your home!

 Dr. Thea Carter of Carter Mobile Animal Care, PLLC is passionate about animals and loves her job because she gets the opportunity to work with traditional companion animals like dogs and cats as well as unusual pets like reptiles and rabbits! She strives to provide the best care possible for your pet in the comfort of your home. She has over 13 years of experience as a licensed veterinarian treating your pets!

 Carter Mobile Animal Care, PLLC's mission is to deliver the best health care and treatment possible, while remaining compassionate towards the animals and their owners. Caring for animals is a rewarding job, and we take it seriously.

Carter Mobile Animal Care, PLLC saved my Sydney from the Parvovirus as a puppy and she has enjoyed many years of health under Dr. Carter's care. Thanks, Carter Mobile Animal Care, PLLC


Jamie Carter
Veterinarian Assistant and Feline Enthusiast

Dr. Thea S. Carter, DVM

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Protect yourself and your pet from disease by regular fecal exams and monthly parasite prevention.